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(message already sent to all participants emails but in case it didn't work we post it also here)
Dear Participants,

The second phase of the First Impression competition is starting. This is the decryption key we release in order to decompress the test data:


We highly recommend to download again the batches and, as the size of the files were corrupted.

As many of you realized, we are still having troubles with the status of submissions in the leaderboard. We are still trying to figure out this problem with the Codalab developers, as it seems to be an internal bug of Codalab.

Note that the leaderboard become anonymous for this phase, so you can submit the files as usual, and in case the problem persist we will do the evaluations locally with your submission files.

Thank you for your comprehension and have a nice competition.

Best regards,

The Organizers.

Posted by: sergio.escalera.guerrero @ July 3, 2016, 4:19 p.m.
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