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> /*Notice 08-10-2021*/ Phase 2 start

Dear all participants,

As most of you already got full access to our Webface 260M, we decided to start phase 2 from now. To transfer all results in the leaderboard from phase 1 to 2, we will automatically re-run all models submitted to the leaderboard, and the whole process is expected to take at least 36 hours to be finished. Please DO NOT submit any model to the competition during this time, or your model will be stuck in the system until the transformation is done. The end date of phase 2 remain the same, and anyone who did not receive the full dataset but still have enthusiasm for phase 2, may now apply for full access from our website (https://www.face-benchmark.org/download.html).

The organizers of the WebFace260M Track of ICCV21-MFR

Posted by: litian1045 @ Aug. 10, 2021, 5:17 a.m.
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