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> /*Notice 07-13-2021*/ Notice of New MFR Metrics & Leaderboard Update

Dear all participants,

To avoid overfitting on masked/standard face recognition, we decide to revise the formula for calculating all three MFR metrics in the leaderboard. New MFR metrics are designed to show a weighted sum to consider both masked and standard faces at the same time. However, because of some limitations of the Codalab, we can not modify the leaderboard's headers and contents. So we will keep the existed leaderboard's structure, but replace the MFR metrics with new values instead. The new formulas are shown below.

(1) New All-Masked (MFR) = 0.25 * Old All-Masked (MFR) + 0.75 * All (SFR)
(2) New Wild-Masked (MFR) = 0.25 * Old Wild-Masked (MFR) + 0.75 * Wild (SFR)
(3) New Controlled-Masked (MFR) = 0.25 * Old Controlled-Masked (MFR) + 0.75 * Controlled (SFR)

Please note that all models which were already submitted to the leaderboard will automatically re-run, send to the leaderboard and replace existed MFR metrics. No need for participants to re-submit their models which already shown on the leaderboard. Only MFR metrics' calculation formulas will be changed and all other SFR and Time metrics will remain the same. Some participants' ranks may be changed. The whole MFR metrics re-calculate process is expected to take at least 24 hours, and please do NOT submit any model during this time.

Thank you and best wishes.

Posted by: litian1045 @ July 13, 2021, 9:03 a.m.
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