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> Is items sorted in training lines?

in train-queries.csv,
for training lines where is.test = FALSE, productIDs in items section are sorted and
for test lines where is.test = TRUE, productIDs in items section are not sorted and we have to sort them right?
Or did I misunderstand?

Posted by: adamSmith @ Sept. 5, 2016, 6:43 a.m.

Hi Adam,
items are not sorted by the view of NDCG in is.test=True and is.test=False both, as it's written in the description of train-queries.csv
>> items (productIDs returned by the default ranking algorithm on the SERP; this IDs must be re-ranked)
but for train data (is.test=False) you can look up into purchases and views so you exactly know best ranks.

Posted by: alex.laktionov @ Sept. 5, 2016, 2:10 p.m.

Understood, thank you.

Posted by: adamSmith @ Sept. 5, 2016, 2:16 p.m.
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