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> The labels are very confused even by people

I am attending this contest and I am confused by some labels. For example in the train_list.txt, K_00029 and K_05673 are both the first class, but when you investigate the videos, they are quite different. I wonder whether the labels in train_list.txt are correct or not? Could anybody help explain.

Posted by: wangpichao @ July 10, 2016, 12:50 a.m.

Dear wangpichao ,
Thanks very much for your question.
We have checked the gesture labels of the mentioned videos, they has the same label. In the IsoGD and ConGD dataset, the inter-class may be variant, and the intra-class may be very similar. This is very challenge and we hope the participators can solve this problem in this contest.
best wishes,
Jun Wan (one of the contest organizers)

Posted by: gesture_challenge @ July 11, 2016, 6:28 a.m.
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