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> Welcome to the challenge

Dear Participants,

Welcome to the IUI 2022 Dyadic IMPRESSION Recognition Challenge!
We hope you have fun playing with the dyadic multimodal IMPRESSION data and we look forward to your contributions in the research field of impression recognition .
We encourage and welcome paper submissions related to your contribution to the challenge, independently of rank positions.
If you have not received your access to the training data (https://simsimpression.unige.ch/datasets/), please send us (impressionchallenge@googlegroups.com) your signed EULA (https://simsimpression.unige.ch/IMPRESSION_EULA.pdf). Once we receive and certify the signed EULA, we will send you your account and password by email.

Organising Team

Posted by: ErisDeMasi @ Nov. 11, 2021, 9:56 a.m.
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