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> Rules for Teams


As several participants asked the question let us explicit the way Teams are ranked and which prizes they are eligible to.

From the Terms & Conditions, it is stated that "Each registered individual or Team is referred to as a Participant".

Therefore a Team is ranked as a single individual (by the best submission among all the submissions of its members) and **can be eligible to only one prize in each leaderboard**.

To avoid any doubt here is an example.

Let's assume we have the following *final* ranking in a given leader board:
1. Alice (Team A)
2. Bob (Team A)
3. Mallory (no Team)
4. Jane (Team B)

Then the prize distribution would be the following:
- Alice gets half first prize, Bob half first prize (basically sharing 1st prize)
- Mallory gets full 2nd prize
- Jane shares 3rd prize with other members of her team

Hopes this drives away any confusion :)

Happy learning for the remaining 3 weeks !


Posted by: eustache @ July 6, 2021, 1:31 p.m.
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