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> Call for Participation for HAHA at IberLEF 2021

Dear participants of Hahackaton,

We thought you might be interested in taking part in the HAHA at IberLEF2021 challenge for detecting and rating humor, and analyzing humor mechanisms and targets in Spanish tweets.

*** Call for Participation for HAHA at IberLEF 2021 ***

HAHA - Humor Analysis based on Human Annotation at IberLEF 2021

While humor has been historically studied from a psychological, cognitive and linguistic standpoint, its study from a computational perspective is an area yet to be explored in Machine Learning and Computational Linguistics. The aim of this task is to gain a better insight into what is humorous and what causes laughter, and we propose to go further in the direction of analyzing humor structure and the target, or butt, of the joke. The HAHA task has four subtasks related to automatic humor detection and analysis in Spanish.

We will provide a corpus of crowd-annotated tweets in Spanish for training, development and test. The annotation follows a voting scheme in which users could select one of six options: the tweet is not humorous, or the tweet is humorous and a score is given between one (not funny) to five (excellent). A portion of the data will also be further annotated for humor mechanism and target.

This year, four subtasks are organized:
* Humor Detection: determining if a tweet is a joke or not (intended humor by the author or not)..
* Funniness Score Prediction: predicting a Funniness Score value for a tweet in a 5-star ranking, assuming it is a joke.
* Humor Mechanism Classification: for a humorous tweet, predict the mechanism by which the tweet conveys humor from a set of classes such as irony, wordplay or exaggeration.
* Humor Target Classification: for a humorous tweet, predict the target of the joke (what it is making fun of) from a set of classes such as racist jokes, sexist jokes, etc. This task might be related to other tasks such as detection of offensiveness or hate speech.

How to participate:
If you want to participate in this task, please join our Codalab competition:

Important Dates:
* March 18th, 2021: CodaLab page.
* April 8th, 2021: training and development sets.
* May 27th, 2021: test set and open for submissions.
* June 3rd, 2021: publication of results.
* June 14th, 2021: paper submission.
* June 24th, 2021: notification of acceptance.
* July 1st, 2021: camera-ready paper submission.
* September, 2021: IberLEF 2021 Workshop.

Posted by: luischir @ March 26, 2021, 4:27 p.m.
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