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Dear Participants,

The NeurIPS 2020 Education Challenge has drawn to a close! We hope that you all enjoyed the competition, and we thank you for all of your submissions.

We aim to unveil the private leaderboards for each task very shortly, but we still need to check the eligibility of participants and aggregate teams' results before we can officially announce the prizewinners. IMPORTANT: If you have forgotten to mark submissions made by multiple CodaLab accounts as part of a single team, please let us know by emailing edu_competition@outlook.com by the end of Friday 30th October to ensure that this is taken into account and that your team is not unfairly disadvantaged.

We are also excited to announce the eligibility criteria for submitting a written abstract describing your work, to be hosted on the competition webpage and referenced in the competition paper. If any team member scored above the following thresholds on the private leaderboard for a task, we would welcome a written submission describing your approach to the task by 7th November 2020. Full details on written submissions can be found at https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/25449#learn_the_details-written-submissions.

Task 1: >= 0.76
Task 2: >= 0.66
Task 3: >= 0.75
Task 4: >= 0.68

Note that a separate written submission may be made for every task for which you are eligible to submit, or a single submission may be made to describe your solution to multiple tasks. Please ensure that you include your team name and the CodaLab usernames of all team members when emailing to submit your written submission.

Best wishes,
The Competition Organizers

Posted by: anlam @ Oct. 27, 2020, 9:12 a.m.
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