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Dear Participants,

We hope you are enjoying the competition! We wanted to announce a few small updates:

1. The AnswerId field is now included in the submission templates to allow linking of answers to additional metadata fields.
2. The competition now supports teams of multiple participants, although our advice in this case would still be for the team to share a single account for simplicity.
3. Participants can no longer hide their submissions from the public leaderboard; the top submission will be automatically displayed on the leaderboard and cannot be hidden.
4. If you believe your submission has failed due to an error with CodaLab (e.g. maintenance), please email the organizers and we will follow up.

We would also like to remind all participants that their entries will be graded using their submissions to the private leaderboard - don't forget to submit to this before the competition is over!

Best wishes,
The Organizers

Posted by: anlam @ Sept. 3, 2020, 9:57 a.m.
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