NeurIPS 2020 ChaLearn Competition - Track 3: RGB to 3D+Texture Garment Reconstruction Forum

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> Welcome!

Dear participant,

Welcome to NeurIPS 2020 ChaLearn 3D+texture garment reconstruction competition!

In this forum you can ask your questions or communicate with other participants. You can also directly contact to organizers by email for any doubt or question.

Some comments:
- Please make sure you have updated your team name in your codalab profile.
- Please carefully read the competition rules and instructions provided by organizers.
- Keep in mind that a submission (in case of no error) may take from 1 hour to several hours to appear in the leader board. This depends on your internet speed, method accuracy and the queue in the backend workers.
- After development phase you can use all the data (train+validation) to fine-tune your model.

Enjoy this interesting competition!

ChaLearn organizing team

Posted by: mmadadi @ May 14, 2020, 8:53 a.m.
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