VisDA 2020: Domain Adaptive Pedestrian Re-identification Forum

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> Submission Notice

Dear participants,

Welcome to VisDA-2020!

Now, we are in the test phase, which will end on 25th July. Please kindly make sure your submission follows the challenge rules (and see FAQ for more details).

We have given access for each participant to modify the leaderboard. After you submit your results to the evaluation server, you can control whether your results are publicly posted to the CodaLab leaderboard. To toggle the public visibility of your results please select either “post to leaderboard” or “remove from the leaderboard.” Please post the result which meets the requirement of challenge rules.

Thanks, and good luck with the challenge!
VisDA-2020 challenge organizers

Posted by: weijian @ July 10, 2020, 4:08 a.m.
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