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> [IMPT] Instructions for submission (ZH --> JA task)

1. Your system's output should contain the same number of lines as the input test data (make sure to verify this by running `wc -l`).
2. Each segment should read like normal Japanese.
3. You should rename your system's output file using the following convention: [AFFILIATION]_submission.txt, eg.: Didi_submission.txt. If you have multiple affiliations, you could concatenate each of them with an underscore '_'.
4. Create a README.txt which contains the details of your submission:
- Names of the team members
- Codalab username
- Affiliation(s)
- Method Description -- in one or 2 sentences.
5. Create a zip archive of the files in 3. and 4.
6. Send the submission (zip archive containing you system's output and the README.txt) to ajaynagesh@didiglobal.com (subject line should be "IWSLT 2020 ZH --> JA submission"). Please note if you are participating in JA --> ZH task, you need to send that submission separately (with the appropriate subject line).

[We will acknowledge the receipt of your submission as confirmation and intimate you if there are any issues with it]

Translation should be fully automatic. Participants should freeze translation systems before downloading the test data and should not manually tune or modify systems afterward.

Please note, the deadline for the submission is Apr 20, 2020 , 11.59 PM UTC-12h

(reposting here to ensure new entrants have access to these instructions)


Posted by: ajaynagesh @ March 27, 2020, 3:59 p.m.
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