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> Thank you for your participation and please send team and method Information to us

If you made submissions in "test-challenge2018 (segm)" and received an email titled "COCO Detection Challenge (segm) 2018", please ignore the following message.


Dear participants,

Thank you for your participation in the COCO detection challenge (segm) this year. We are very excited to see the progress that has been made! In order for the award committee to decide awards and invitations to the workshop, please send the following information to and :

0. Codalab account name.
1. Team name (this is the name that will be shown in our leadearboard:
2. A list of team members (with affiliations).
3. Abstract-like detailed description for your submission. We are looking for novelty of your method as well as details on resources you spent. Information that we would like to know includes: 1) any external data being used; 2) the single model performance; 3) any other information such as the number of models used for ensemble, inference time, etc.
4. An optional URL of your method or paper.

Please also let us know if your team used more than one CodaLab account for submitting results and you want to merge them.

Please reply by the end of Aug 24 to be considered for awards and invitations.

Thank you,
COCO Award Committee

Posted by: richardaecn @ Aug. 22, 2018, 8:36 p.m.
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