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> Final submission guideline

Dear participants,

Thanks for joining the NTIRE 2020 image deblurring challenge.
Here's the guideline for your final test result submission.
This is basically identical to what is described in the factsheet template.

[CodaLab Submission]
The CodaLab test server closes at March 23th, 2020, 11:59 pm, UTC.
A valid submission should be submitted by then.
The submission should contain every 10th frame as the development phase.
The leaderboard will not show a specific score.

[Email Submission]
Challenge participants will submit full results as well as a fact sheet, source code/executable by email.
The results should be reproducible from the submitted method and every 10th frame must equal the last CodaLab submission.

The executable/source code should include trained models or necessary parameters so that we could run and reproduce results. There should be a README or description that explains how to execute the executable/code. The fact sheet must be a compiled pdf file. Please provide a detailed explanation. We would appreciate the TeX and figure source files, together. When providing download links via cloud services (google drive, dropbox, etc.), please enable sharing and consider download traffic limit of the service.

Please use the following email format to submit your solution.

To: ntire2020.deblur@gmail.com; seungjun.nah@gmail.com; thstkdgus35@snu.ac.kr; radu.timofte@vision.ee.ethz.ch
cc: your_team_members
Title: NTIRE 2020 Image Deblurring Challenge (Track 3) - TEAM\_NAME\\
Body contents should include:

a) the challenge full name
b) team name
c) team leader's name and email address
d) rest of the team members
e) team members affiliated with NTIRE2020 sponsors (if any)
f) team name and user names on NTIRE2020 CodaLab submission site competitions (all)
g) executable/source code attached or download links
h) factsheet attached (compiled pdf and tex source together)
i) download link(s) to the FULL results of ALL of the test frames (corresponding to the last entry in the online Codalab test server and provided codes/executable)

Seungjun, Sanghyun, and Radu

Posted by: SeungjunNah @ March 19, 2020, 4:32 a.m.
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