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> Final Instructions

Dear participant

Thank you very much for your interest and active participation in the PAKDD2018 AutoML competition. The start of the final phase of the AutoML challenge is fastly approaching, in the following we outline important information regarding such phase:

* The final phase starts on March 12, 11:59 PM UTC, after that you will not be able to make any submission.

* As explained in the challenge sites, your last code submission will be automatically migrated to the final phase. You will not have any chance of making another submission, nor correcting your code in case it fails, so, please be sure that your last submitted code in Phase 1, is the version you want to be evaluated in the final phase.

* We will require that each participant of the final phase fills out a fact sheet describing their methodology. You will receive further instructions next week.

* Announcement of results may take one week after the end of the challenge, so please be patient to know your final performance.

* Associated to the competition, there will be a workshop to be held at PAKDD2018, we will send more information soon.

Once again, thank you for your active participation, because of you the challenge is a success!

Best of luck!

Posted by: hugo.jair @ March 8, 2018, 5:05 p.m.
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