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> Final Ranking and Paper Writing

Dear participants,

the evaluation phase leader board (and thus the final ranking) are now online: Please check the 'Evaluation Phase' tab on the results page. Congratulations to everyone, and especially to the winning team! Please check your results and contact us if you think that something went wrong *until Friday, Feb 9*. On Feb 9, the gold data will be released, so we cannot accept any corrections or resubmission requests after that point.

We also migrated the results to the post-evaluation phase, but there seems to be a bug with Codalab (the post-eval leaderboard is not shown). We'll contact the Codalab developers and will keep you posted about this issue. You are of course free to submit more runs for evaluation purposes; this will however not affect your final ranking.

Also, we'd like to remind you again to fill out the participant questionnaire ( This is really important for us in order to describe all submissions in our task description paper.

Finally, we can now give you more information about the paper submission and writing. We will use softconf for managing submission and reviewing, and you can submit your system description papers here: . Please make sure that every author has a softconf account -- if not, you can create a new one following the same link. Keep in mind that the paper submission deadline is *February 26*. Afterwards, each participating team that submitted a paper will have to review *at least 2 other system description papers until March 19*. We will assign reviews to each participant right after the submission deadline. Last but not least, you can find style and submission guidelines on the SemEval webpage:

The important next deadlines summed up again:
*Feb 9* Fill out the participant questionnaire
*Feb 26* Deadline for system description papers
*March 19* End of the reviewing period

Posted by: simono @ Feb. 5, 2018, 12:10 p.m.
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