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> Announcement: Top-10 Semi-Finalists

Dear Participants,

We thank you again for your participation in the competition. In all, we have 469 registered accounts, who collectively have made more than six thousand submissions over the three-month course of the competition. That's an impressive amount of hard work, and we hope that we have all learned a lot from the experience.

We would now like the announce the top-10 teams who make up the semi-finalists, according to their positions on Phase 2 leaderboard.

#1: Team Samarth | Akshay, comprising Samarth AGARWAL and Akshay BHONDE

#2: Team NBFG, comprising Tam T. NGUYEN, Hossein FANI, Ebrahim BAGHERI, and Gilberto TITERICZ

#3: Hong Diao WEN

#4: Gaurav DIXIT

#5: Cong-Minh PHAN and Yi TAY

#6: Team Cattywampus, comprising Derek KHU and Daniel WONG

#7: Team OU, comprising Thanh Tien VU, Dat Quoc NGUYEN, and Xuan-Son VU

#8: Team Saigonapps | hieuvq, comprising Thanh Lam PHAM and Quang Hieu VU

#9: Massimo NICOSIA

#10: Team TCS Research, comprising Karamjit SINGH and Vishal SUNDER

We congratulate the above semi-finalists on their commendable performance!

These semi-finalists will soon receive instruction to submit a solution report as well as their source code by 4 Sep, which will be inspected for validity, before we announce the top 3 prize-winning finalists (expected 14 Sep). The actual placement within the top-3 as well as the prizes will be given during CIKM AnalytiCup workshop on 6 November 2017 in Singapore.

Posted by: hadylauw @ Aug. 14, 2017, 9:40 a.m.
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