CVPR-NAS 2021: Unseen Data Track

Organized by robgeada - Current server time: March 1, 2024, 6:39 p.m. UTC
Reward $500

First phase

Development Phase
March 15, 2021, midnight UTC


Competition Ends
June 1, 2021, midnight UTC

Development Phase

Start: March 15, 2021, midnight

Description: Development Phase: Design your NAS algorithms, ensure that they are compatible with the evaluation scripts and data format. PLEASE NOTE: We're having some issues with the backend. Please check the forum post on manual queuing if your submissions are failing for no reason.

Final Phase

Start: May 12, 2021, midnight

Description: Final Phase: How well do your submissions do on entirely unseen datasets? Please check the queue here to see your submission's queue status

Competition Ends

June 1, 2021, midnight

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