Machine Translation in Dravidian languages-EACL2021

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First phase

First phase
Nov. 20, 2020, midnight UTC


Competition Ends
Jan. 25, 2021, 8:07 a.m. UTC

Shared Task on Machine Translation in Dravidian languages

The development of technology increases our internet use, and most of the global languages have adapted themselves to the digital era. However, there are many regional, under-resourced languages that face challenges as they still lack development in language technology [1]. One such language family is the Dravidian family of languages. Dravidian languages are majorly spoken in south India and in small pockets in Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and a few other places in South Asia. To improve access to and production of information for monolingual speakers of Dravidian languages, it is necessary to have machine translation. The shared task aims to promote research towards this goal. Evaluation of this shared task will be carried out using automatic evaluation metrics and human evaluation. Look at Evaluation tabs for more details.

Please refer to this link for the ranklist:



Evaluation Criteria

We accept test result only through google form.
Format of the submission file should be like below:
translated sentence1
translated sentence2
Submission should be a zip file with your team name containing a text file with name 'teamname_language1-language2.txt.'.. The submission will be evaluated with BLEU and Human Evaluation. Please submit the results through the following form


Terms and Conditions

By downloading the data or by accessing it any manner, you agree not to redistribute the data except for non-commercial and academic-research purposes. The data must not be used for providing surveillance, analyses or research that isolates a group of individuals or any single individual for any unlawful or discriminatory purpose.

You should cite these papers if you are using our data.

   title={Findings of the Shared Task on {M}achine {T}ranslation in {T}amil languages},
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      Priyadharshini, Ruba  and
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Task announcement: Starting now

Task announcement: Nov 20, 2020
Release of Trail data: Nov 20, 2020
Release of Training data: Nov 20, 2020
Release of Test data: Jan 2, 2021
Run submission deadline: Jan 25, 2021
Results declared: Jan 30, 2021
Paper submission: Jan 30, 2021
Peer review notification: Feb 18, 2021
Camera-ready paper due: Mar 1, 2021
Workshop Dates: April 19-20, 2021


Student Volunteers

  • Richard Saldhana, National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal 

  • Shubankar Banarjee,  National University of Ireland Galway

Email: and

First phase

Start: Nov. 20, 2020, midnight

Competition Ends

Jan. 25, 2021, 8:07 a.m.

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