TC4 Competition and Workshop on Human Identification at a Distance 2020 (HID2020)

Organized by yushiqi - Current server time: Nov. 30, 2020, 5:50 p.m. UTC
Reward $3,300

First phase

First phase
Aug. 18, 2020, midnight UTC


Competition Ends
Oct. 26, 2020, midnight UTC

Welcome to the HID 2020

Please visit TC4 Competition and Workshop on Human Identification at a Distance 2020 for more details.

The first 4 winners should submit one page to describe the used method, and present their works at the workshop during ACCV 2020 conference.

The sample code can be found at this Github project.

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions are evaluated using Categorization Accuracy. For each video sequence in the test set, you will predict the SubjectID to which it belongs. Ranked by average accuracy.

The file should contain a header and have the following format:

6cf1f250, 0
bc236028, 0
af04f55f, 0
ba750c21, 0
... etc.

Note: label is in int format.

Please read the following regulations carefully.

  1. The data provided by the competition can only be used for academic purposes.
  2. This competition is public to the world, but the Competition Organizer approves each user’s request to participate and may elect to disallow participation according to its own considerations. You must register on the Competition Website prior to the Entry Deadline.
  3. Submission format: Zipped CSV file containing participant’s predictions. Note that the CSV file must have the same name as submission.csv.
  4. Users: Each participant must create a CodaLab account to register. Only one account per user is allowed.
  5. Teams: Participants are allowed to form teams. There are no limitations on the number of participants on the team.
  6. External data: Participants are allowed to use external data. To be fair, the external data you use must be provided to competition participants. Thus, if you use external data, you must make it publicly available and declare it in the competition discussion forum no later than the date specified in the Competition Forums.
  7. Submissions may not use or incorporate information from hand labeling or human prediction of the training dataset or test dataset for the competition’s target labels. Ergo, solutions involving human labeling of one of the columns in the submission CSV file will be disqualified.
  8. Submissions may not use or combine manual annotations or manual prediction information for the competition’s target labels. Doing so will cause you to lose your qualification.
  9. The test set should be used as is, for prediction generation and submissions only. Using the test set data in order to train the model (“pseudo-labeling” or any other technique that exploits the test data in the training process) is strictly prohibited.
  10. Only one team from the same organization is allowed. Students from the same mentor or contestants from the same company are considered to be the same organization.
  11. Prize Allocation: 1st place:15,000 CNY 2nd place: 5,000 CNY 3rd place: 2,500 CNY 4th place: 1,000 CNY
  12. Upon being awarded a prize:
    12.1 The prize winner must deliver to the Competition Organizer the final model’s software code or a Github link which contains the source code and model. And we also expect the method associated documentation written in English (2~4 pages), which will be published at the workshop homepage during the workshop. The code must be capable of generating the winning submission and contain a description of the resources required to build and/or run the executable code successfully.
    12.2 The prize winner must agree to participate in our ACCV 2020 Workshop, and present their methods and results online.
  13. If a team wins a monetary prize, Competition Organizer will allocate the prize money in even shares between team members unless the team unanimously contacts the Competition Organizer within three business days following the submission deadline to request an alternative prize distribution.

HID2020 Competition Results

The First Prize

Team ID: BeibeiLin

Team members:


The Second Prize

Team ID: brl

Team members:

The Third Prize

Team ID: panfengzhang

Team members:

The Fouth Prize

Team ID: ctsu-ca

Team members:



Appendix: Top 10 best teams

* One of the members from Team jilongwang is from CRIPAC, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences which is the provider of the dataset CASIA-E. Due to the conflict of interest, the results from that team were just for evaluation and were excluded from the competition ranking.

RankIDCorrect classification rate
* jilongwang 66.7%
1 BeibeiLin 63.0%
2 brl 54.1%
3 panfengzhang 53.4%
4 ctsu-ca 51.5%
5 ywang26 50.3%
6 Wbz 49.3%
7 HeHaodi 49.2%
8 kouen93 47.9%
9 recognizer 43.6%

This competition is sponsored by the Watrix Technology. Watrix will provide prizes as follows:

  • First Prize: 15,000CNY
  • Second Prize: 5,000CNY
  • Third Prize: 2,500CNY
  • Fourth Prize: 1,000CNY


First phase

Start: Aug. 18, 2020, midnight

Description: Don't forget to submit your best results to leaderboard. :)

Second phase

Start: Oct. 15, 2020, midnight

Description: The results of the second stage will be used as the final ranking. Don't forget to submit your best results to leaderboard. :)

Competition Ends

Oct. 26, 2020, midnight

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