Statement Verification and Evidence Finding with Tables (SEM-TAB-FACT)

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Welcome to Sem-Tab-Fact: Statement Verification and Evidence Finding with Tables

Statement Verification and Evidence Finding with Tables is a shared task at SemEval 2021 Task 9


Tables are ubiquitous in documents and presentations for conveying important information in a concise manner. This is true in many domains, stretching from scientific to government documents. In fact, surrounding text in these articles are often statements summarizing or highlighting some information derived from the primary source data in tables. Describing all the information provided in a table in a readable manner would be lengthy and considerably more difficult to understand. We present a task for statement verification and evidence finding using tables from scientific articles. This important task promotes proper interpretation of the surrounding article.

Task List

The task will have two subtasks to explore table understanding:

A: Table Statement Support

Does the table support the given statement?

B: Relevant Cell Selection

Which cells in the table provide evidence for the statement?


Please download it from our website


Nancy Wang - IBM Research, USA
Sara Rosenthal - IBM Research, USA
Marina Danilevsky - IBM Research, USA
Diwakar Mahajan - IBM Research, USA


Trial Data

Start: July 31, 2020, midnight

Competition Ends


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