OffensEval 2020 - Danish

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Sub-task A
Feb. 20, 2020, midnight UTC


Competition Ends
Feb. 26, 2020, 11:59 p.m. UTC

Welcome to OffensEval 2020: Danish!

Dataset and detailed task description available at:

This is the competition site for the Danish development set of the second edition of OffensEval organized at SemEval 2020 (Task 12). SemEval 2020 will take place on September 13 and 13, 2020 co-located with COLING in Barcelona, Spain.

This year OffensEval's title is Multilingual Offensive Language Identification in Social Media.

The first OffensEval was organized at SemEval 2019. OffensEval 2019 used the Offensive Language Identification dataset (OLID) a dataset containing English tweets annotated using a hierarchical three-level annotation model described in this paper. Nearly 800 teams signed up to participate in OffensEval 2019. The competition received more than 100 submissions across three sub-tasks.The findings are described in the OffensEval 2019 report. The response received in 2019 by far exceeded our expectations and motivated us to organize OffensEval 2020.

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated for macro F1-score under subtask A. The labels are binary, OFF or NOT, for offensive and not offensive. The classes are imbalanced, hence use of F1.

Terms and Conditions

The data in this competition, OffensEval 2020 - Danish, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY). If you use this data, you must acknowledge the following work:

Offensive Language and Hate Speech Detection for Danish. Gudbjartur Ingi Sigurbergsson, Leon Derczynski (2020); Proc. LREC

    title={Offensive Language and Hate Speech Detection for Danish},
    author={Gudbjartur Ingi Sigurbergsson and Leon Derczynski},
    inproceedings={Proceedings of the 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference},

Sub-task A

Start: Feb. 20, 2020, midnight

Description: OffensEval 2020: Danish

Competition Ends

Feb. 26, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

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