Depth From Focus Competition on the DDFF 12-Scene Dataset

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Dec. 14, 2017, midnight UTC


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Welcome to Depth from Focus competition

This is a competition for depth from focus methods. Main problem is defined as predicting an accurate depth map from a focal strack, where the focus gradually changes from close to far away distances. Evaluation of the methods is performed on the DDFF 12-Scene dataset.

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Evaluation Metrics

Results are reported for different error metrics, computed between the predicted and ground-truth dispariy maps. Errors are computed for the interval of [0.28, 0.02] pixel, equivalent to [0.5, 7] meters. MSE and RMS are also reported for actual depth errors.

Disparity maps must be saved as float arrays under each test folder using function.
Example: cafeteria/DISP_0001.npy where DISP_0001.npy is disparity map.
"runtime.txt" should be included where each line provides the runtime for each image in seconds.
Example: cafeteria/DISP_0001 0.6543

Please see the following paper for details.

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Terms and Conditions

All data in the DDFF 12-Scene benchmark is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License (CC BY 4.0).


Start: Dec. 14, 2017, midnight

Competition Ends


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