COCO Keypoint Challenge

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Test-dev (keypoint)
Sept. 12, 2016, midnight UTC


Test-dev (keypoint)
Sept. 12, 2016, midnight UTC

COCO Keypoint Challenge

The COCO 2016 Keypoint Challenge requires localization of person keypoints in challenging, uncontrolled conditions. The keypoint challenge involves simultaneously detecting people and localizing their keypoints (person locations are not given at test time). For full details of this task please see the keypoint evaluation page.

This challenge is part of the ImageNet and COCO Visual Recognition workshop at ECCV 2016. For further details about the joint workshop please visit the workshop website. Please also see the concurrent COCO 2016 Detection Challenge.

To participate the challenge, you can find instructions on the COCO website. In particular, please see the overviewkeypoints challengedownloadformatkeypoints eval, and keypoints upload pages for more details.

The COCO API is used to evaluate keypoints detection results. The software provides features to handle I/O of images, annotations, and evaluation results. Please visit overview for getting started and keypoints eval page for more evaluation details.

Please refer to COCO Terms of Use.

Test-std (keypoint)

Start: Nov. 7, 2016, midnight

Description: The test standard evaluation server for keypoint detection.

Test-dev (keypoint)

Start: Sept. 12, 2016, midnight

Description: The test-dev evaluation server for keypoint detection.

Competition Ends

Sept. 16, 2016, 11:59 p.m.

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