The Large Scale Movie Description Challenge (LSMDC) 2017 : Movie Fill-in-the-Blank

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Public Test
Aug. 31, 2016, midnight UTC


Competition Ends
She ___. (nods) She opens the ___. (door)



Question-answering has become a popular task, with many practical applications (e.g. dialogue systems). It's appealingly easy to interpret and quantitatively evaluate, and with a simple setup, it's relatively easy to generate the very large datasets that work well for deep learning. Advancements in visual QA (with images and natural language questions) with large-scale datasets have pushed this field forward rapidly, and with this challenge dataset we hope to extend this progress to video. This dataset is a fill-in-the-blank version of the LSMDC2016 dataset - for more information about the datasets, please see here.

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In this challenge, given a video clip and a sentence with a blank in it, the task is to fill in the blank with the correct word.


To participate, you should first create an account on CodaLab. In order to submit your test set results, please, perform these steps:

  • Output public test set predictions to a txt file, one per line, e.g.:
    The predictions should be in the same order as the public test set provided in the LSMDC2017 download page.
  • Name the txt file as "test_[your_algorithm_name]_results.txt" and zip it in an archive.
  • Go to "Participate" tab, click "Submit / View Results" and select the respective challenge phase.
  • Fill in the form (specify any external training data used by your algorithm in the "Method description" field) and upload your ZIP archive.
  • Click "Refresh Status" to see how your submission is being processed. In case of errors, please, check and correct your submission.
  • Once the submission is successfully processed, you can view your scores via "View scoring output log" and click "Post to leaderboard" to make your results publicly available.

Note that we allow up to 10 submissions per day / 100 in total

The challenge is evaluated on accuracy of filled-in blanks.

Winners will be selected based on the highest score (accuracy) on the public test set.

Public Test

Start: Aug. 31, 2016, midnight

Competition Ends


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